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Roll Forming Machine instructions


The molds used in the Roll Forming Machine shall be one upper die and six lower dies of the same size. The upper die and one lower die shall be installed first. In equipment before use, should check whether all connections, installation of bolts and nuts are tight, or so the case should be put in sufficient lubrication oil, energized to start the machine commissioning, first run idle look carefully, with and without vibration, noise, whether oil window to oil, whether parts movement coordination, everything is all right to install mold, mold when installation, must cut off power supply, move the motor belt by hand or big gear, make workbench inversion, and makes the slide up to the highest point, it is better to support an object between the workbench and slide underside, slippery with natural whereabouts, cause an accident. And put the appropriate thickness of the pad, to ensure that the upper and lower die after the upper and lower die, the four surrounding clearance is even, the distance between the upper and lower die is equal to the thickness of the required tile blank. Then the above modules shall prevail, the workbench shall be transferred, and the remaining five lower modules shall be installed. After all the upper and lower modules have been installed, the vehicle shall be pressed.
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